Process Water Treatment Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Environmental Needs.

Coral Chemical Company offers total environmental management solutions for the metal finishing industry including an extensive line of process water treatment chemicals. At Coral, we understand that companies are unique and some conditions may require specific chemical solutions. Therefore, our environmental support team from our sales consultants to our technical staff will work with you to identify and meet your specific requirements.

Coral water treatment products come in powdered, liquid and emulsion form, and are tailored to meet your specific environmental requirements. Coral products can neutralize, precipitate heavy metals and dissolved phosphates, reduce sludge and clarify waste water.

Coral’s water treatment solutions:

  • Neutralize – our acid and alkaline materials provide pH control
  • Split oil emulsions at higher pH levels
  • Precipitate heavy metals – our coagulants and precipitants meet stringent limits
  • Remove/reduce dissolved phosphates
  • Improve flocculation, clarification and settling
  • Reduce sludge by adding less treatment chemistry
  • Reduce Chromium and destroy Cyanide
  • Kill and prevent bacteria
  • Reduce and remove odor
  • Clarify waste water for final flocculation – our anionic and cationic polymers are available in powder and emulsion

Coral’s environmental solutions services include:

  • Initial audits consisting of product and process recommendations
  • Start-up support
  • Increasing operator capabilities and effectiveness through training and support
  • System Operations manual
  • Operator licensing training (if applicable)
  • Regular audits to maximize cost and efficiency
  • 24-hour technical assistance and consulting
  • Access to Coral’s analytical laboratory for influent and effluent analysis

To order Coral water treatment products, use our easy online order form.

Environmental Solutions Literature

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