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Coral Chemical Company’s Lubricant Division encompasses machining fluids, forming lubricants and rust preventatives. Each of these product groups provide a variety of solutions to our customers needs. We at Coral strive to provide our customers with the highest quality product, specifically addressing their production needs.


Whether you’re cutting, grinding, roll-forming, blanking, forming or protecting processed parts, Coral’s Lubricant Division and Sales Consultants will work with you to find the right product for your application.


Due to the unique process needs of our customers, we recommend that you contact your Coral Sales Consultant or our Lubricant Division in order to determine the product best suited for your needs. We don’t just want to supply your chemicals; we want to improve your process (es).




Coral’s CORCUT, CORGRIND and CORLUBE product lines encompass a wide variety of applications and materials. These product lines offer fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble oil and straight oil chemical options for your particular metal removal needs.


These product lines have served in industries spanning everything from tooling to high performance wheels to the medical industry and continue to prove themselves. Even with today’s higher speed machining and harder materials, Coral can address your needs.


Case Study: CORLUBE SN - Using a Coral Chemical vegetable oil based lubricant to replace an existing petroleum lubricant to provide process improvements and savings at a surgical pin, screw and implant manufacturer. Click here to read study




Coral’s CORDRAW and CORLUBE product lines address a wide variety of metal forming applications and materials. These product lines include synthetic, soluble oil, straight oil, evaporative and dry film lubricants and are used on a wide variety of substrates.


Coral’s forming lubricants have a well established history in the manufacture of appliance, automotive and heavy equipment components and have great compatibility with automotive e-coat and porcelain enamel processes.


Through our involvement with our customers, we are able to determine what lubricant will be most compatible with our customer’s pretreatment, paint and waste treatment compliance. Through this cooperative effort, we’ve consistently generated improved efficiency and cost savings within our customer’s facilities.

Case Study: CORDRAW 6186 - Using a Coral Chemical full synthetic lubricant to replace an existing chlorinated and petroleum based lubricant to provide process improvements and savings at a high-end cooking equipment manufacturer. Click here to read study

Case Study: CORDRAW 6189 - Using a Coral Chemical full synthetic lubricant to replace an existing synthetic lubricant to provide process improvements and savings at a cooking equipment manufacturer. Click here to read study



Coral’s CORFILM and ANTIRUST products were developed to cover a wide range of applications and substrates. These products include synthetic, emulsion, oil based and solvent based rust preventatives. Our product lines can provide in-process, indoor storage, in transit or long term storage protection and are applicable to a wide variety of substrates.




Clicking the links below will direct you to specific industries or manufacturing processes and the lubricants Coral Chemical supplies to those customers.

Steel Wheel Manufacturing Lubricants



To order metal working fluids, click here to visit our online order form.

Need more info? Contact our Metal Working Fluids department here.






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