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Coral Seas



  • Cleans up algae without using harsh algaecide chemicals that can sometimes damage and stain pool surfaces depending upon the algaecide.
  • Is the only patented, scrub-free pool cleaner available today.
  • Works with an EPA-registered chlorine to safely clean up your pool unlike toxic algaecides...and does it quickly.
  • Is not an algaecide, herbicide or pesticide and does not contain quarternaries (foam), copper (stain), silver or poison.
  • No algaecide can match the clean up that is done by YELLOW OUT®.

When was the last time you read the precautionary statements on algaecide, such as "This pesticide toxic to fish," "May require permits for discharge," etc.?

YELLOW OUT® doesn't require such statements. WHY NOT? Because, alone, YELLOW OUT® will not kill algae. However, when YELLOW OUT® is used with EPA-registered chlorine, cleanup is achieved quickly and economically.

For more information on this exclusive product of Coral Chemical visit

YELLOW OUT® is a Registered Trademark and Brand Name for one of our Coral Seas Product.




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