Industry Leader in Metal Finishing Solutions

Established in 1953, Coral Chemical Company has been an industry leader in providing industrial metal finishing chemicals to a multitude of manufacturing industries. For over 60 years, Coral has partnered with some of the largest companies in the United States to provide complete start-to-finish metal finishing chemical solutions. Coral’s portfolio of pretreatment chemicals, metal working fluids and wastewater solutions has contributed to our customers’ successes. As a second generation family business, we focus on customer service, providing the knowledge and expertise to help solve our customers’ challenges.

Coral Adds the Element of Support

Chemistry is more than compounds and formulas. It’s about interaction and collaboration. It’s about results. That’s why Coral partners with our customers to bring efficient solutions to their processes. Our process experts work with them to improve their production, lower operational costs, reduce waste and comply with regulatory requirements.

Located in Zion, Illinois, our corporate headquarters is home to our fully-staffed technical department and state-of-the-art laboratory facility. We offer our customers engineering and technical services including product development, analytical services, and environmental and physical testing. We welcome customers to visit our facility for a hands-on experience in the testing and analysis of their parts.


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