Pretreatment Solutions

Specialty chemicals to effectively prepare parts for paints and coatings.

Metal Working Solutions

Lubricants and coolants for precise cutting, grinding, forming and more.

Environmental Solutions

Process water treatment solutions tailored to meet your environmental needs.

Metal Packaging Solutions

Cleaners and lubricants for efficient aluminum beverage can manufacturing.

Your Partner in Start-to-Finish Industrial Chemical Solutions

For over 60 years, Coral Chemical Company has been providing complete start-to-finish process efficiency solutions to the metal finishing industry. Utilizing our specialty industrial chemical products, Coral’s team of pretreatment, metal working and wastewater treatment chemical experts partner with our customers to improve production, lower operational costs, reduce waste and comply with regulatory requirements.

Pretreatment Chemicals

iconCoral’s industrial pretreatment chemicals include a full line of metal pretreatment products. From cleaning to conversion coatings to final rinses, Coral can supply everything needed to prepare metal and plastic products for the application of a coating. Learn more…

Metal Working Fluids

iconCoral’s metal working fluids include high-quality machining fluids, metal forming lubricants and rust preventatives. Whether your process is cutting, grinding, roll-forming, blanking, forming or protecting processed parts; Coral can provide the best solution for your unique challenges. Learn more…

Process Water Treatment

iconCoral’s total management concept for the metal finishing industry includes an extensive line of process water treatment chemicals. From neutralizing waste water to precipitating heavy metals to dissolving phosphates, our water treatment chemicals reduce sludge and clarify waste water. Learn more…

Technical Expertise That Delivers Results

iconIn the lab or in the field, our comprehensive technical support and persistent problem-solving capabilities result in superior parts performance and quality. Our fast turnaround on process resolutions and product delivery help our customers stay competitive and profitable. Learn more…

Simply put… Coral adds just the right chemistry for results.

Element of Support

Our metal finishing process experts will work with you to improve production, lower operational costs and reduce waste.
Learn How...

Featured Product

Comply with the nutrient reduction of phosphous in waste water with a blend of Coral’s CORCAT W84L and CORCAT W85L.

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